Divorce & Legal Separation

Divorce & Legal Separation

Divorce is one of the hardest issues a person may ever have to deal with. If you find yourself facing divorce, it is of the utmost importance you have an attorney that is sensitive to your needs yet strongly focused on your goals. Monica Rose is equipped to handle every facet of your divorce from custody and visitation, to child and spousal support, to property division. Do you have a unique issue that is special to your case? Rest assured, Monica Rose has keen research skills to tackle any issue. She also is well-versed in the law and has extensive experience in litigating divorce cases from start to finish.

Whether you are prepared to agree and settle your case or ready to head into court, Monica has the experience and knowledge to see your case to completion.

Legal Separation v. Divorce… Many people use the term “legal separation” loosely. But what is the real difference between legal separation and divorce? The main difference is that, with legal separation, you remain married. However, you are able to define child custody and visitation, obtain orders for child and spousal support, and divide community property assets and debts…Just like with a divorce.

So, why would people choose legal separation then? This option is best for people who, to name a few:

  1. Have religious beliefs against divorce
  2. Need to stay married for health insurance purposes
  3. Do not meet the residency requirements for filing a divorce at the time they wish to file.

While there are many reasons one may decide one over the other, this is just a sampling. Monica is here to discuss both options and what may be best for you. And will be there to guide and support you down that path.

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